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Q&A With Leeds Trinity University

We are approaching the time of the year where most international students will be planning their year ahead as they enter their new adventures.

It’s one of the most exciting times of their lives but some things can be stressful. One of the most frustrating parts can be packing all your essential needs. There’s always something you forget as well! From becoming a tourist to preventing home sickness, Tudor exclusively spoke to Leeds Trinity’s international office to answer those crippling questions.

Tudor: Whilst packing to embark on the next chapter, what are the essential items you should pack?

LTU International: “Nowadays the most obvious thing is to take a mobile phone or laptop; it seems to be the most obvious things they connect to. The basic clothes, possessions and toiletries are essential. I’d flip it around and say what is not required. Things like bedding, and big winter coats. Some international students feel they have to bring their entire winter wardrobe with them. They need essential clothing but shouldn’t take too much.”

Tudor: How can students prevent homesickness?

LTU International: “We can all get online with Wi-Fi that can be used straight away with the likes of Skype, WhatsApp and iMessage so keeping in touch is a big thing. Something Leeds Trinity suggests when students are going away is to take your favourite music with you and take photos from home so there’s some comfort wherever they are stopping, making it a bit more homely.  The other thing is to encourage students to get involved with things. The worst thing if someone is feeling homesick is that they sit in their rooms and wait for the world to come to them so we try and make sure students get involved as much as possible.  Most universities do programmes around freshers week to help people from overseas or those who have just started university, getting them involved with events and talking and meeting new people.”

Tudor: How important is tourism to international students?

LTU International: “One of the real benefits of studying in another country or another city is experiencing life in that city and experiencing the culture. We have students who come from the UK and part of the experience the students want to go and visit places like York. They want to see where the Beatles were from. The Lake District is also very popular and going to London to see the Big Ben. We totally consider that a part of the programme and experience to see the things they’ve read about and about. Also at a practical level, they get to know the community and that can help them settle in. Knowing where the shops are, how to get into the city and getting to the bank are all things that can help on a practical level. You can only find those things out by going out and exploring.”

Tudor: How do you help students who study abroad?

LTU International: “We have a full programme of pre-departure events where we give students a briefing. Some being on health and safety and some being to ensure they’re happy and safe. Most students will experience what we call, ‘culture shock,’ which is where you go somewhere new so we give them tips on how to deal with that. Most things are similar with people going and leaving the UK. We are very keen to let them know that they’re still our students, we do care about them and want to know about them. We make sure we are touch regularly and make sure they can use all of our university support services including the learning hub or contacting their tutors if they need them, they’re all available. We don’t want them thinking they’re outside so they’re out of mind sort of thing. They are part of our community.”

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