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Q&A With Charlie Wainwright

We are approaching half way through the British summer and the busiest time for airports across Europe. Whilst students have graduated from university others are breaking up from college and school for the summer. Whilst some consider travelling the world, others will be going on holiday with their closest loved ones.

Tudor have exclusively spoken to 'elephants voice' blogger Charlie Wainwright to find out her favourite holiday destination as well as the essential items to take away whilst on holiday.

Q: What are the essential items you take away with you whilst going on holiday?

A: My first big thing I always pack is makeup (obviously), after sun (i burn badly) and lots of baggy tops that I can throw over bikinis etc What is your favourite destination and why? Costa Del Sol, Malaga, in Spain! There is a small market town called La Cala which is full of locals and has the cutest little market stall every single night right on the beach! Literally most of the restaurants tables are on sand!

Q: What was the best day of your trip?

A: The best day of any of my trips is always the second day - when you're fully settled in and wake up without the first worry being washing or doing my makeup - just throwing on a bikini and going for a swim. I unwind from the second day.

Q: If you could do it all again, what’s one thing you would do different?

A:I would stay somewhere right in the centre of La Cala, I was a twenty minute walk from the town centre and just wish after drinks every night I could’ve rolled straight into bed!

Q: If you was to move away permanently, where would you move to and why?

A: 100% would be Australia - after getting hypnosis for my irrational overreaction to spiders, eeeek! It seems the perfect place, amazing animals, friendly communities, lots to travel and enjoy, the weather, the culture and no need to learn a new a language - guess I'm kind of lazy!

Charlie is a full time Leeds Trinity student as well as having an independent website. One of her most popular features on the page is reaching out to those have problems they want to address but wish to remain anonymous.

You can follow her Twitter page below to keep up to date with all her activities. 


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