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Shipping To The UAE

Tudor International Freight have been shipping to the UAE on a weekly basis for over twenty years.

Our overseas removals service to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah is growing fast in popularity. Air freight routes to the UAE are on the increase which allows us to offer a quick and reliable service at a very reasonable price. Transit times from the UK to the UAE are usually less than one week.

Excess Baggage to the UAE

If you are shipping to the UAE by air, and you are looking for an indication of the price, please click here to receive an instant online quotation.

If your consignment consists of heavy bulkier or out of gauge items we can also arrange a sea freight service for you through to the main terminals of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Jebel Ali.

If you are shipping to the UAE and you have some further questions, feel free to contact us in advance. We will outline the process for you and inform you of what information we require in order to complete the export customs clearance in the UK.

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