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Our Freight Services To Uganda

Shipping to Uganda is as straightforward as it gets in the freight industry. If you're shipping to Uganda, you're shipping to Entebbe airport.

Uganda is one of my favourite African destinations to ship to. Shipping to Uganda? The answer is Entebbe airport.

In the early years of Tudor Freight, Uganda seemed to be a little bit like a secret kingdom. Whilst most of the surrounding countries (such as Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia) provided us with a steady stream of customers and reliable business opportunities, Ugandans seemed to be somewhat scarce on the ground - standoffish perhaps.

I'm pleased to say that over time, with hard work and competitive rates, our shipping to Uganda service has been increasing steadily and many of our customers have now been returning to us for several years.

Air Freight to Uganda

Landlocked countries within Africa tend to be expensive destinations when using sea freight so our air freight rates have to be cheap to plug the gap. With just the one international airport available to us for cargo the choice when shipping to Uganda may be slim but at least it's uncomplicated.

Entebbe airport is just 25 miles from the country's capital city of Kampala and is the only destination served.

To find out details about these costs and services you can view our Uganda page on the website.

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For more details and to join our growing list of Ugandan clients contact us here.

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