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Shipping To South Korea

At last! You’ve finally finished your exams and you’re looking forward to going back home to South Korea. However, as soon as you start to pack your things away for the long journey home you suddenly realise “too much stuff…… I need to find a safe company to do my shipping to Korea.”

Tudor Freight have a long and well established reputation within the international student community in the UK. We have been shipping to South Korea for many years.

Air Freight to South Korea

Instead of paying expensive excess baggage charges you can use our air freight services to either Inchon, Busan or Cheju airports. Our cheap and reliable
service arrives at your local airport within a few days so there is no need to wait for slow sea freight services. Shipping to Korea has never been easier.

You can check out your own price by using our instant online calculator.

Once we have collected your excess luggage you can pay online using our secure online payment facility and then you can track the progress of your shipment all the way to your local airport.

The days are long gone when you have to carry your heavy bags with you paying expensive excess baggage costs at the airport. Let Tudor do your shipping whilst you sit back, relax and enjoy your flight home.

Visit our South Korea page for more details or contact us for a quotation.

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