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Our Excess Baggage Shipping Services To Nigeria

Nigeria is yet another of our strong African destinations. We have been shipping to Nigeria since 1992 and in recent years it has been one of our biggest routes. Our clients are generally Nigerian students and the diaspora working in the UK.

In 2007 there were 2,800 Nigerian students studying in the UK. In 2011-12 this number had increased to 17,620 and one British Council report has estimated that this figure could increase to approximately 30,000 by 2015.

Accordingly, at Tudor Freight, we have had to ensure that we provide a top class service for anyone shipping to Nigeria from the UK.

With the wealth of nations such as Nigeria on the rise, overseas education increases exponentially. We find that not only do these students wish to ship their personal effects home when their studies in the UK are finished, but they also increasingly want to send items such as cars, televisions and other electronic items back home to family members.

Excess Baggage to Nigeria

At Tudor Freight we like to think of ourselves as a progressive company and so for any student shipping to Nigeria this Summer we have tailor made services to meet your needs.

To view those services and costs you can look at our Nigeria page and you may also wish to use the instant quote to obtain an estimate of the cost for your shipment.

Nigeria Shipping Services

Anyone who requires a shipping to Nigeria service will need guidance and will have many questions to ask - we answer those questions.

You need packing materials? No problem.

You want air freight? Ok, where to? Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt? No problem.

You prefer sea freight? Click here.

As you would expect from a modern freight company - our online facilities are first class. When you are ready you can book your collection online.

Similarly, when it comes to the time for payment you can use our secure online payment facility.

I hope you agree that anyone looking for a fantastic freight company to assist with their shipping to Nigeria should look no further than Tudor Freight. For more details see our contact information.

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