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Our services to Chile

Still as popular now as it ever was, our shipping to Chile service is the most popular to any South American destination.

Tudor Freight is well known for our exceptional customer service. It has often been said that we are prepared to "go to the ends of the Earth" to help our clients. When it comes to shipping to Chile this could almost be a literal description.

I would be surprised if any other freight company in the UK despatches as many shipments of personal effects to Chile as Tudor Freight.

Excess Baggage to Chile

Whether it is air freight to Santiago airport or sea freight to Valparaiso port, when returning students are shipping to Chile it's Tudor Freight that is their natural choice.

In particular it is our sea freight service which remains the most popular to this country. Chilean students like to have us palletise their packages for extra safety and security - see the photo examples on our packing materials page. With a transit time of just four weeks many clients are happy to sit back and relax and wait the extra few days it takes before their shipment arrives at Valparaiso port.

Air Freight to Chile

If you don't want to wait for sea freight then choose the most convenient destination airport from Santiago, Antofagasta, Balmaceda, Arica or Iquique. With a transit time of approximately one week you won't have long to wait before your goods join you back home in Chile.

Remember, when shipping to Chile there are some local regulations which you have to adhere to. The customs officers in most South American countries do not allow you to send your personal effects home to someone else. More often than not it is you, the owner of the goods, who must be the consignee at the destination port/airport.

Tudor Freight will require a copy of your passport and a full and detailed shipper's inventory for each shipment.

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