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Shipping to Busan Airport

Tudor International Freight have been shipping to South Korea for many years. Please check the table below to see if we are able to offer an air freight service for your shipment. 

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Air Freight Services to Busan

Air Freight Charges to Busan Airports

Busan (PUS)
£150.00 (Up to 41kg)
£3.65 per kilo
£2.43 per kilo
The above costs are up to arrival at the airport only. They do not include ANY charges which may be incurred in Busan such as (but not only) terminal handling, documentation, customs clearance, examination, quarantine or inspection fees, customs duties, taxes or storage costs.

All air freight shipments are subject to a £35.00 handling and security charge.

Any charges which may be incurred at the destination must be paid by the consignee on collection. These fees are determined locally and we have no influence over them or financial interest in them.

The above costs do not include ANY charges which may be incurred in Busan such as (but not only) customs duties, taxes, examination, quarantine or inspection fees.

Tudor International Freight have been shipping to Busan for many years. If you have any specific queries or require some further advice, please contact us.

Important Shipping Information

  • All quotations are subject to the final weight and dimensions of your packages.
  • All packages must be packed safely and securely for transport prior to collection.
  • Your packages should not contain prohibited items, dangerous or hazardous goods or valuable items.
  • The above quotation excludes insurance.
  • Our prices are regularly reviewed and are subject to change without notice.
  • All business is undertaken subject to the Standard Trading Conditions of the British International Freight Association (Latest Edition). Copies are available upon request.

Country Specific Requirements

  • A fully completed Shippers Inventory in English is required if you are shipping to Busan.
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