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Shipping to Canada

If you’re looking to send excess baggage or personal belongings to Canada, why not start by exploring our shipping to Canada service?

At Tudor Freight we love Canada, from the maple syrup to the ice hockey and even to that awfully catchy song ‘One Dance’ by Toronto’s most famous export, Drake. But more importantly for you, we’ve been shipping to Canada for years, 26 to be exact!

If you’re going to Canada and need assistance with your excess baggage and belongings, or you’re moving permanently and looking for a company to transfer your possessions, both our air freight and sea freight options are for you.

Like most freight companies we operate to the popular cities of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. But what puts our shipping to Canada service above the rest is routes to the tiny St Johns, to places like Edmonton, Calgary and Halifax and London… don’t be confused!

And if that’s not enough and you fancy yourself as something of a Christopher Columbus, our shipping to Canada service has options a plenty.

If you are shipping to Canada, Tudor Freight are the natural choice for you.

On our website you can request a free quotation or make an online booking for your shipment.

If you have any further queries regarding shipping to Canada, contact us today.

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