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Shipping to the Philippines

Whether you are a Filipino nurse working in the UK or a student who has finished your studies, we can help with your Shipping to The Philippines.

There are thousands of Filipinos either working or studying in the UK. If you have finished your studies and are thinking of going home, or if you are sending goods back home to your family, we can help with your shipping to the Philippines.

In an age where time is money and people want everything "yesterday" our air freight service to Manila airport is the perfect choice for any personal effects which require shipping to The Philippines.

With collections throughout the UK (including free collections from London) our service is available to everyone.

You can use your own suitcases if you wish but we also offer a selection of packing materials for those who require them.

Contact us today to ask about our Shipping to The Philippines service or use our online calculator to obtain a free estimate.

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