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Shipping to Oman

Although we have been Shipping to Oman for over twenty five years, a recent agreement has meant special new rates apply for all students.

Whilst Shipping to Oman is not new for Tudor International, our recent agreement with The Omani Students Advisory Council in UK (OSAC) means our service is now cheaper than ever.

With air freight services to both Muscat and Salalah we have the country covered for any student who needs help with their shipping to Oman requirements.

We have negotiated special reduced freight rates and have also reduced our handling fee to just £25.00 for all Omani students.

If you need help with packing then see our range of packing materials for the types and costs available.

We have a collection service throughout all of mainland UK so no student needs to miss out.

So if you have goods that require shipping to Oman, book your shipment online now.

Contact us for further information.

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