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Our services to Thailand

Tudor International Freight have been helping people to arrange their shipping to Thailand since we started out in 1991.

The UK is home to the largest expatriate Thai community in the World outside of Asia, Australia and North America. It is of little wonder therefore that our shipping to Thailand service has proved to be so popular over the years.

Whether you are a student, part of the Thai diaspora, or simply a Brit moving to Thailand to enjoy the sunshine and relaxed lifestyle, Tudor Freight have services to suit everyone's needs.

Air Freight to Thailand

The majority of clients enjoy our air freight services to Bangkok, Chiang-Mai, Hat Yai or Phuket airports although we do have a sea freight service to Bangkok port for those with very large shipments. There are several services to choose from when shipping to Thailand.

If you prefer the speed of air freight for your shipment then you can obtain an estimate by using our online instant quote device.

Packing materials can be purchased if required. See our packing materials page for the types and costs available.

If you require any further information or assistance with your shipping to Thailand please contact us for more information.

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